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Dhanush’s much anticipated movie, Anegan has made its way into cinema halls worldwide. Directed by KV Anand and produced by AGS Entertainment, Anegan is Dhanush’s biggest release ever in Tamil.

Ashwin, played by Dhanush is a happy go lucky person who works in a private organization. His colleague, played by Amyra Dastur falls in love with him the moment she sees him. Not being able to understand how a good looking girl can fall in love with him so easily, Dhanush doesn’t consider her love seriously.

Amyra Dastur, who tries to understand the reason behind her new found love for Dhanush realizes that her relationship with Dhanush goes a long way back. Not just in this life, but Dhanush somehow ends up being her lover in her previous three lives.

Amyra also realizes that Dhanush is her soulmate and hence will always be her lover in all her lives that she has been gifted with. Destiny plays the baddie in this film as it makes sure that Dhanush and Amyra never get a chance to lead a life together.

Stories from their previous lives have been narrated in an interesting manner. What happens in each of their previous three lives and most importantly what happens in their current lives forms the rest of the story.

Dhanush once again excels in all his roles. As expected, he carries the entire film and has given his 100 percent in doing so. Amyra Dastur has done a decent job as a fresher and has managed to impress with her almost perfect lip-sync.

Aishwarya Devan is another debutant in the film. She plays an interesting role and has done her job brilliantly. Yesteryear actor Karthik doesn’t have enough screen space which comes across as a surprise and yet he impresses with his charm. Ashish Vidyarthi has once again delivered the goods.

Thanks to the cinematographer Om Prakash and visual effects specialist Srinivas Mohan, visuals in this movie looks absolutely stunning. Even an ordinary scene has been given life in Anegan.

Screenplay by KV Anand and Subha is a tad too revealing and confusing at times especially in the second half but KV Anand’s unique way of narrating a story makes up for the average screenplay. Editing by Anthony stands out and is one of the positives of Anegan.

Songs and background score by Harris Jayaraj sounds clichéd at times. His sound mixing has worked really well and is apt with the visuals. Overall, Anegan is a technically sound movie.

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