Effective tips to face this summer


Summer season is just round the corner and we cannot afford to let ourselves feel bogged down by the prickly heat. Keeping oneself energised and fresh all day during summers is a big challenge. But we certainly have a few ways to beat the heat and feel fresh throughout the day.

However, one will have to take the efforts to keep the heat at bay and not let the scorching breeze ruin the skin.

Here are a few ways which might help in saying no to the side-effects-of-summer…

Go natural with organic soaps
Clean your face with natural face wash or face scrubs – fruit based neem. The freshness of fruits will protect your skin from getting damaged. Avoid chemical based facewash, soaps and scrubs. Use Ayurvedic soaps while bathing.

Nourish your body with juices, liquids
Intake of fresh fruit juices, coconut water, lemon juice, jal jeera, chaas or aam panna will do a world of good to your body. Summers often leave people dehydrated. So make sure, you keep your body hydrated.

Include fruits, cucumber in your diet
With the onset of summers, people start experiencing perspiration. Many people often face the problem of stinking sweat, and hence it is extremely important to follow a diet that will help your body get rid of toxins. Include fresh fruits and cucumber in your diet. This will also make you feel fresh

Go for whites and lighter shades
Opt for cotton clothing in summers and preferably go for lighter shades. Cotton is basically the best fabric one can buy, for it’s not just natural but skin friendly. Lighter shades will absorb less heat and thus will keep you cooler.

Treat your skin with freshening sprays
A bottle of rose water, aloevera gel and wet napkins come handy in summers. Rejuvenate your face by spraying rose water or applying aloevera gel after wiping it with a wet tissue.

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