Leaked: Windows 10 phone UI


Windows 10 OS for the mobile platform is still some time away from official release, but screenshots of the Windows 10 OS for phones has leaked online.

Considering the Windows 10 OS for phones was shown off at the Microsoft Windows 10 event, the new leaks show some additional functions that were not seen before.

The images leaked on Polish website Windowsmania, are claimed to be from an unreleased build no. 8.15.12521.

According to The Verge, the leaked screenshots show off new features such as activation of LED notifications as well as using sound, vibrations and banners to for notification updates.

There isn’t any clarity if Windows 10 phone OS will support multi-colour LED notifications for different apps though. This also hints to the fact that all future Lumia devices will have LED hardware design.

The New Outlook contact page shows a circular space for adding the contact photo which was square in shape earlier. Screenshots also point to the fact that on deleting your account from a device, all apps associated with that account will also be removed.

Windows 10 for phones will let you decide which apps are allowed to use the onboard microphone, with the help of a toggle switch.

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