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Actors’ salary package can vary every year depending on their current market value and can also get unpredictable. It is now time to know the remuneration list of top Tamil actors for the year 2015.

Interestingly, there is a significant change to the standings when the current salary list is compared with the last year’s salary package of Kollywood stars.

It is now time to check out the list of top paid actors in Tamil cinema, but before we do that it is to be noted that the below mentioned figures can vary from source to source and that our site is not liable for the monetary figures.

Here is the list..

2014: 30 crores ; 2015: 35 crores
Rajinikanth holds on to his number one position strongly. He has been doing it comfortably for the past 15 years hasn’t he? Yes, Superstar is still the reigning king of Kollywood by a long way.

Kamal Haasan
2014: 25 crores ; 2015: 30 crores
After bouncing back through Vishwaroopam, Kamal Haasan’s market value enhanced and looks good. With three movies lined up to be released, watch out for the Ulaganayagan’s dominance in the next few years.

Ajith Kumar
2014: 20 crores ; 2015: 25 crores
Thanks to the back to back successes, Ajith now claims the third position with an impressive package. It is said that Ajith’s salary contributes almost 60 percent to the overall film’s budget.

2014: 20 crores ; 2015: 20 crores
Vijay has maintained a steady demand as far as his salary is concerned. Riding on his recent success, Vijay is growing from strength to strength. Don’t be surprised if he increases his salary post Puli.

2014: 18 crores ; 2015: 20 crores
Suriya once touched 25 crores but now has dropped his range, perhaps keeping the big picture in mind. Right now he is acting in his home production, which makes it difficult to gauge his salary.

2014: 12 crores ; 2015: 12 crores
Vikram wasn’t a part of many movies last year which means his market value remains the same. Though it was speculated that his wallet weighed more than usual because of I, he has maintained a steady income for the last couple of years.

2014: 8 crores ; 2015: 10 crores
Dhanush enters the 10 crore mark, thanks to his recent hit flicks. With Dhanush’s market expanding with each passing year, it is just a matter of time before he doubles his salary range, feel trade experts.

2014: N/A ; 2015: 7 crores
Not only does Sivakarthikeyan grabs the eighth position, he does it with some style. Siva has made some serious impact in the last 10 months within the Kollywood fraternity and is causing troubles to some of the established actors.

2014: 8 crores ; 2015: 6 crores
Though his latest release Madras was a hit, the damage had been done as his movies prior Madras weren’t up to the mark. With Komban ready to release in the next few days, it will be interesting to his salary package next year.

2014: 4 crores ; 2015: 5 crores
Vishal is another actor who’s been acting in his home production, making it difficult to put a figure on his salary. Going by trade sources, Vishal’s salary hasn’t changed a lot in the last couple of years.

2014: 8 crores ; 2015: 4 crores
As you can see, there is a huge dip in Simbu’s pay pack as his market value has taken a drubbing. Also since last year saw the rise of new stars, actors like Simbu had no option but to lower their price. This year though, he might bounce back.

2014: 4 crores ; 2015: 3 crores
Arya is flexible as an actor and also while negotiating his salary. Though last year was tough for the Madrasapattinam hero, this year might be a different story as Vishnuvardhan’s Yatchan might provide him a break.

Jayam Ravi
2014: 4 crores ; 2015: 3 crores
Jayam Ravi was paid handsomely for his role in Bhooloham. But since Bhooloham’s release is still uncertain and with no big hits last year, Jayam Ravi too has slipped a couple of places when compared to his position last year.

2014: 3 crores ; 2015: 2.5 crores
Jiiva did not sign any new movies until the release of his Yaan and that backfired as Yaan ended up as a disastrous movie. The actor would be hoping for a change in his fortune this year.

Vijay Sethupathi
2014: N/A ; 2015: 2 crores
Like Sivakarthikeyan, Vijay Sethupathi too is on an ascending mode as he is rapidly growing in the industry. Watch out for his movies slated to release this year.

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