Russia,Britain,US to be linked soon


The world’s longest superhighway would be 12,400 miles and will link Russia, Britain and America — spanning half the circumference of the globe, said a report.

The route will connect all the existing road networks in Europe and Asia and would allow travellers to drive all way from the UK to the United States.

The oil and gas pipes along with a rail link would run alongside the highway, it said.

The project is expected to turn Russia into a global transportation hub.

This ambitious plan dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) is put forwarded by Head of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Fortov to President Vladimir Putin.

A rail network in Siberia was recently extended to a station across the Lena River from Russia’s Yakutsk. This line could be further extended east to Magadan and the northern Pacific.

The project team has estimated trillions of dollars to execute the task.

Currently, the world’s longest road is in Australia, where the Highway 1 runs around the entire country, covering some 9,000 miles.

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