Arthashastra book: A review


Arthashastra is World’s No.1 political and economic guide.The book depicts about the importance of money. This is an amazing book for this modern world’s economic activity.

For example:How to manage the stock market?How to do business?How to tackle the buiness competition among the business men?

How to face the increase in cost of living?How to avoid the loss in business?What is the relationship between government and private firms?

What are the responsibilities of a ruler?What is a good rule?Like that Arthashastra depiction is relevant and useful towards economic and political aspects.

The book which was created before 2000 years ago,says clearly about how to rule the country and how our economy lies as a backbone of our country’s progress.

Arthashastra agitates our interest in following ways:

1.The complete methodology of Arthashastra populary called as Money’s science has been interestingly depicted and portrayed by famous historian Thomas Droughtman.

2.This book is a base and useful for the people who are eager to know about our country’s business history.

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