Arthamulla Indhumatham-Book review


Arthamulla Indhumatham is a book written by legendary Tamizh poet Kannadhasan.The book portrays about the philosophy of life in depth.

The book came as a series in a Tamizh Daily magazine and it has been consolidated and released as a whole book through Vaanathi printers.The book was earlier divided into ten parts and came seperately but now all the parts have been merged and released as a single edition through Kannadasan printers.

The book contains the preface of Kanchi Kaamakodi Sangarachariyar Swamigal and Vaanathi printers Chief editor Mr.A.Thirunaavukarasu.

The book also contains lovely picture paintings of Painter Silpi.The first edition of this book starts with the poet Kannadasan’s letter written on 22/08/1972.Arthamulla Indhumatham author tells about his personal life frankly.

He also tells he is having rights on everybody to say “How we should not lead life and how we should lead life”. A person speech should make the world to yearn for more.A person speech should be keenly listened by audience.

A man should not cry for the dead.The man should realise death can’t be cheated.Wipe your tears.Stick to your routine life.Do your routine work more effectively.A man’s second part of life starts in the feet of Lord Eashwar.The birth taken by us should be meaningful and the sins,holiness a man commits will retrun to him in the form of karma,through out his life.

Like this the book showcases about the good deeds of human life.

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