Protect your hair from this summer!


The summer season turns our hair oily and causes severe sun damage – making way for dandruff, hair-fall, frizziness, split ends, acne on the head and what not! But, as free-flowing hair boosts one’s confidence and is a dream of all – renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, reveals a few quick fixes for your summer hair issues.

Set your basics right:
Start you day with washing your mane with a deep-cleansing shampoo. One simple trick for mild-washing your hair on daily-basis can be done by mixing your shampoo with water and then applying over your mane to keep it clean yet healthy.

Flaunt gorgeous updos:
Here’s a reason to rejoice as the most-favorite hair-do of girls the hot-weather – is now in trend too! Be it a messy bun, sleek-up-do, Korean bun or a sock bun o – all are sure to take your hotness level up in the sky!

Protection is compulsion:
Make sure to apply a heat-protecting spray every time you step out in the sun. As these harsh sun-rays are not only the enemy for your skin – but for your tresses too – so be sure to cover up with mousse, pomades; or even a hat or scarf to save the grace of your hair. Also, make sure to wash your hair on regular intervals; as these products when get encountered with summer’s free-flowing air and dust makes way for acne in head along with other infections.

Home care:
For bidding adieu to crown acne – be sure to remain very regular in washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by proper conditioning. You can also do away with the acne, at the convenience of your home, by applying the mixture of neem, tulsi, onion and garlic juice on your scalp; followed by rinsing away with normal water after 10-15 minutes to reveal silky-shiny tresses.

Eat well:
Also, lack of production of keratin – a fibrous protein that forms the main constituent of hair is not manufactured at all, if our diet lacks essential nutrients. Therefore, it becomes important to have a vitamin-mineral rich diet to boost the keratin formation – and eventually, the growth of your mane.

So, this summer include lots of green veggies, fresh fruits and protein-rich diet to amp-up the level of keratin and make your hair strong & long.

Treatment is cure:
Nowadays, technology is also evading to the field of hair treatments; ozone is one such treatment you should go for if your tresses are damaged as well as falling. Similarly, Bioptron, also boosts hair volume by stopping hair fall and removing dandruff. But, when you go for any such treatment; make sure you visit an expert salon to achieve faster and better results and do away with side-effects.

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