Ram Gopal Varma kidded Mammootty in social media!


Looks like Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is spending more time picking fights on social media networks rather than focusing on his craft. After targeting his peer Karan Johar on multiple occasions, the director shifted his anger on South Indian giant Mammootty.

He went on a twitter rampage, pitching the father against the son.

“Mamooty should learn acting from his son..I mean realistic,” he tweeted from his official handle.

“Mamooty is a junior artiste compared to his son.”

These rather uncomplimentary observations were made after RGV claimed to have watched Dulquer Salmaan’s latest Tamil movie ‘OK Kanmani’.

“Mamootys son will make Kerala proud In the non Kerala markets in just years which Mamooty couldn’t do for decades.”

To RGV’s backhanded compliments, Mammootty’s son, humbly retorted with; “In ten lifetimes I won’t be one millionth the actor my father is, no matter what I accomplish.”

However, RGV continued his twitter rage. “@dulQuer well sir that might b ur perspective as a biased son but as unbiased fan I think u r in 1 life a million times ur father ever was.”

Adding, “Dont b arrogant to think u knw acting better than me .u r miles above him .if u don’t believe watch his films when he was ur age.”

“As a director frm 25 years I think u r better than ur father but as actor of 1 year if u think u know better just ask me to shut up.”

The star-son has refused to comment further, and add fuel to the fire.

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