Top 5 Reasons to watch Uttama Villain


Kamal haasan’s Uttama Villan is heading for May 1 release, after a huge delay. Though you may need no reason to watch a Kamal Movie, here are the top five reasons to insist that you should never miss ‘Uttama Villan’.

1. Title “Uttama Villan”
The title of the film induces a mysterious thought in the minds of everyone and has induced a expectation to know what the story will be about.

2. Kamal Haasan in Dual Roles
Kamal Haasan’s multi-role films, always garner good response from the viewers. We can even say, Kamal – a master in making multi-role films.His ‘Dasavatharam’ in which he featured in 10 roles, is a real example.

3. Periodical Mystery Drama
One among the two roles will be ‘Uthaman’, a period character who is expertise in Theyyam. Uttamavillan has made good attraction, right from the first look poster.The other one is the present time star actor ‘Manoranjan’. Kamal himself is a star actor in real life and the viewers can watch his real life in the film.

4. Controversies
Kamalhaasan’s films, are always the targets of controversies and Uthamavillan is not an exception.Starting from the first look poster which is accused of plagiarism issues, the film has faced numerous controversies and oppositions from the religious and political groups.Kamal’s most films which face controversies, were successful in the past.

5. K.Balachandar’s Last Film
Uttama Villan will be the last film, we will be seeing late director K.Balachander on screen.

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