The upgraded and affordable version of Google Glass to be launched soon…


The second generation of the Google Glass might be out sooner than expected. According to reports, Italian eyewear maker Luxottica might tie up with Google for the device.

CEO of Luxottica, Massimo Vian, while speaking in Milan, said that the device will be out soon. Google and Luxottica partnered in March 2014 and even collaborated on the OG Google Glass.

Despite the announcement, an exact date for the device launch is yet to be disclosed. This information was carried in a report.

The second generation of Google Glass is hoping to market itself as a device for the everyday person, and not just the geeky nerd. The project is to be led by head of the Nest division of Google, Tony Fadell.

Head of Google Glass, Ivy Ross had previously said that the new version would be cheaper and also offer better sound quality and display, as well as a long lasting battery. The first Google Glass saw ordinary sales when it was launched.

This was largely attributed to the fact that a wearer of the device could record videos unnoticed while wearing it. This was seen as a great intrusion of privacy, and also resulted in the shunning of the device from many public spaces.

This is a factor that the second generation will hope to change.

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