BJP’s richest minister in Himachal Pradesh, assets worth Rs 40 crore


In Himachal Pradesh ministerial Anil Sharma of BJP is the richest minister and his assets worth Rs 40 crore. He is followed by Mahender Singh with assets worth Rs 15 crore says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms. Kishan Chan is third on the list with assets worth Rs 7 crore moreover out of the 12 ministers in Himachal Pradesh, 8 are crorepatis and average assets of the 12 ministers stand at Rs 7.17 crore. A total of 9 ministers it will come around 75% have declared liabilities out of which the minister with the highest liabilities is Anil Sharma of Mandi constituency with Rs. 2.09 crores of liabilities. Mahender Singh from Dharampur constituency has declared highest total income whereas he has not declared his sources of income. A total of 2 ministers average 12% have declared their age to be between 41-50 years while 6 ministers avereage 50% have declared their age to be between 51-60 years. There are 4 ministers average of 33% who have their age to be between 61 to 70 years. Only one woman out of 12 Ministers in Himachal Pradesh.

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