Star Wars : The Last Jedi Grossing over a Billion dollars In just 4 weeks


Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars : The Last Jedi has topped Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 to become the No. 12 movie on the all-time worldwide chart. The global total on the Rian Johnson-helmed Episode VIII is now $1,215.3M. The running comes are split at $574.5M domestic and $640.8M at the international box office.

Star Wars : The Last Jedi is now running 34% behind The Force Awakens and 32% ahead of Rogue One at the same stage overseas. It had a better than projected weekend session at $65.9M offshore versus Sunday’s $64.7M projection. On Monday, it added $8.6M globally ($1.8M domestic/$6.8M intl).

Money Made by Star Wars: The Last Jedi Overseas

After a jaded performance in its China debut this past weekend, the film now counts the Middle Kingdom as the No. 6 offshore market with $31M since adding $2.4M on Monday. It’s still a unsatisfactory performance that is currently trailing the No. 5 market, Australia, by about $9M.

Elsewhere, business is beginning to candle off in the 5th week of play, although Japan continues to throw off solid numbers and is closing in on France as the No. 3 market with $54.5M finished yesterday. The UK remains in the lead at $103.4M, followed by Germany with $73.8M, France at $57.9M, Japan as noted above and Australia with $40.1M. Setting China aside, this is the same grouping of markets that responded tops to both TFA and Rogue.

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