More than 3 million People Have put in request for the 2018 Fifa World Cup


2018 Fifa World Cup

With just 150 days left until the start of the most major single-sport event in the world, the demand for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia tickets keeps growing – both from domestic and worldwide football fans.

3,141,163 tickets have been requested since 5 December, with the current sales window lasting until 12:00 on January 31st. Fans from all around the world have a very unique opportunity to secure their places at FIFA’s star tournament by applying for tickets online at So far, most of the applications have come from Russia, with fans from Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, USA, Spain, Poland and China representing the top ten countries from abroad. Overall, worldwide demand accounts for 38 per cent.

Fans can apply for individual match tickets for all matches (except for the opening match and final) and venue-specific tickets for all stadiums, as well as supporter tickets and conditional supporter tickets for all 32 teams. If the number of tickets requested by 31 January 2018 exceeds the number of available tickets, the distribution will be based on a random selection draw procedure, with fans being informed of its outcome by March 12 2018 at the latest. During the current sales period, it will make no difference whether applications are submitted on day one, the last day or any time in between, as all will have the same chance of being successful.

Support your team along with other fans

Recognized supporters of the 32 participating member associations can request supporter tickets and conditional supporter tickets for their national team’s matches. Supporter tickets are tickets for each of a team’s three group matches. CSTs are tickets for each of the four knockout-phase matches that could potentially be played by a team, and are conditional upon the team qualifying for the respective rounds of the tournament.

Successful applicants who have applied for STs and CSTs will be allocated seats grouped together with other supporters of the same team.

Special access tickets

FIFA has also made an allocation of tickets available for disabled people in agreement with the number of seats available in the 12 stadiums for people with limited mobility or who are classified as obese.

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