Eyes tells about your health condition…

January 19, 2015 0

Just like your teeth, even your eyes reveal your general well-being. Here’s how you can determine your ailment from the condition of your eyes. If you have bloodshot eyes: It means you may have high […]

Awesome benefits of Tulsi…

January 13, 2015 0

Tulsi also known as basil leaves, is a fairly common plant in Indian households. Considered holy by many religions, the tulsi plant is revered for its divine properties. Besides praying to the plant, a number […]

Health Benefits of Cherries…

January 10, 2015 0

Cherries are delicious and beautiful. Eat this superfruit before its short growing season comes to an end. When you eat cherries, you enjoy much more than just their amazing taste. They’re packed with antioxidants and […]

A heart patient’s plan to run a marathon race…

January 9, 2015 0

Despite undergoing a bypass surgery in 2012, 52-year-old Santacruz-based stockbroker, Nisarg Vora, is preparing for the upcoming 21-km marathon. He tells us how. Two and a half years ago, while undergoing a routine health check-up, […]

Simple way to cut your belly fat…

January 9, 2015 0

Including almonds in your daily diet could help reduce belly fat, a well-established heart disease risk factor, says a study. A daily snack of 1.5 ounces (42 gram) of almonds instead of a high-carbohydrate muffin, […]

How to look like young ?, read it…

December 25, 2014 0

Now the world is moving faster in all of the things, not only in technology it’s also to be keep it in the food items. All are wants tasty foods at instantly, it makes health […]

A relief to the Computer users…

December 23, 2014 0

Computers have become indispensable in work place. Professionals spend more time working at computer workstations. Normal blink rate in human is 16-20 per minute. When this blink rate gets reduced to 6-8 blinks/minute, it results […]

How to control anger ?

December 23, 2014 0

We are often told not to make decisions while we are angry or pass remarks in such a state as we might either end up taking wrong steps or hurt others with harsh words in […]

Life can continue after death, study…

October 8, 2014 0

There is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death, according to the largest ever medical study carried out on the subject. A team based in the UK has spent the last four […]

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