$1 million bail for raping 69-year-old woman

March 5, 2015 0

A high-risk sex offender who fled Canada for Seattle was being held on $1 million bail after authorities charged him with raping a 69-year-old woman. According to documents filed in King County Superior Court, 49-year-old […]

Trisha dragged into court controversy …

April 5, 2014 1

Recently the film Inam was withdrawn from theaters by its distributor Tirupathi Brothers spearheaded by director N.Lingsamy. The self imposed ban of the film was the result of the pressure in the form of protests […]

Libya : Destroys all chemical weapons…

February 5, 2014 0

Tripoli : Libya said Tuesday that its chemical weapons, including artillery shells and bombs filled with mustard gas, have been destroyed. The destruction, completed just a few days ago, was “an important milestone” for Libya […]