How to forget sadness?


How to be happy…
If you have ever been bogged down by the complexities of life and have been wondering where happiness is, then waste no time in looking for it around? Happiness is not just an expression, but an emotion you must incorporate in your life to be HAPPY. Happiness is a choice that you make and you will find it within you.

Here are a few tips to be happy…

Don’t worry
Worrying about things that is beyond your control will do more harm than good to your health and life.

Take life as it comes and don’t yourself let get affected by circumstances. Agony and ecstasy are part and parcel of life. So embrace both with open arms.

Be content
Be satisfied with what you have been blessed with. But that certainly doesn’t mean you stop dreaming.

Dream big but don’t get disappointed if they fail to materialise. Thank God for giving you for all what you have, something that the less privileged don’t.

Reach out to the one in need
Lend a helping hand to those who are less privileged than you. Helping someone quench his thirst by giving them a glass of water or feeding a stray dog can make you feel happy.

This will make you feel worthy of being of some help to someone.

Wear a smile
You must have heard the saying – “a smile is a curved line that sets things straight”. Yes, it’s true.
When you smile, you make others smile.

Smile is contagious and when you see people smile back at you, you are bound to feel happiness not just around but within too.

Meditation will help you have better control over your emotions, especially the negative ones.

The best way to be happy is by governing your senses and not letting the same control you. And for achieving this, meditation comes in handy.

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