Samsung overtakes Apple


We all love our smartphones and gadgets, but how loyal are we towards the company that has manufactured them? Would we consider buying our next smartphone from the same company or defect to its rival?

Customer loyalty goes a long way in defining how a company is being received by its customers over a period of time and is indicative of the brand value. A latest survey on tech companies aims to reflect on how much of loyalty our favourite gadget manufacturers garner from us.

SurveyMonkey crunched some data to come up with the scores indicating customer loyalty. While Samsung enjoys more customer loyalty than Apple, the latter scored better in terms of customer service satisfaction.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer scored 35 on the customer loyalty meter, Apple scored 28, and Microsoft scored a staggeringly hellish -8. The industry standard is 19. Makes us wonder if the software maker would be able to sleep at peace with such a haunting score on its report card.

Apple score 41 per cent positive rating in the customer satisfaction index while Samsung scored 25 and Microsoft managed a 19 per cent against an industry benchmark of 75 per cent. We see red columns in all the three report cards in this subject.

A Cnet report stated that these numbers were generated in the fourth quarter of 2014 and represent more than 5,000 adults in SurveyMonkey’s Audience, which was polled to offer its views on certain brands.

These figures provide an insight into the larger and more complex consumer defection phenomenon in the competitive consumer market and could help these tech companies to better analyse their offerings and strive to reach scores better than the industry benchmark.

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