Google hires people of every age…


If you thought tech giants preferred only younger employees to churn out newer technologies, Google will prove you just wrong.

The search giant’s human resources chief Lazslo Bock assured that at Google age is just a number and what matters is the impact your work has.

A recent data from Stack Overflow suggests that the average age of a developer is 28, while another report said that even tech industry workers in their 20s were seeking Botox treatments to look younger.

A report notes that a Redditor in the Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session asked Bock what advice he would give to a developer in his 40s that was concerned about being too old to be a good fit at Google.

Bock said, “Google hires people of every age … our oldest Googler is over 80! Best advice is to make clear the impact of your work. Basically, for all your accomplishments use the format “accomplished X by doing Y as measured by Z.” Please apply!”

Although it isn’t clear who that oldest Google employee is, but Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf is there at 71.

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