Spider-Man Homecoming named 4th Highest grossing movie of 2017



In the battle for superhero supremacy,Spider-Man is back on top in 2017 . Sony teamed up with Marvel Studios to reboot its single comic book property in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the film was an absolute success. Maybe the most impressively, the redo scored some seriously positive notices from critics, which then boosted its box office legs as the film continued to perform weeks after release.

And now, two and a half months after release, Homecoming has crossed the $874 million mark at the worldwide box office to become the highest grossing superhero movie of 2017. That’s an incredibly impressive high mark, and one that wasn’t guaranteed. Back in August as the film was windy down its domestic run, it was sprawling behind every other entry in the Spider-Man franchise at the worldwide box office. But now, the pic is second only to Spider-Man 3, which grossed $890.8 million in its run.

Money grossed by Spider-Man Homecoming worldwide

Homecoming has been performing incredibly well overseas. It has grossed $69.2 million since opening in China, $7.1 million in Japan, and a enormous $25.4 million in South Korea. Those are strong numbers, and it’s no wonder Sony and Marvel are already hard at work on getting Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 ready for release in 2019. Homecoming is at $331.8 million and still holdups Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which earned $389M and Wonder Woman which earned $411M. It’s going to be a stretch to surpass either of those, but it does have considerable bragging rights on the worldwide stage and is great news for Sony, which really needed this film to revive the franchise.

In the league of Spider-Man movies, Homecoming is still behind Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, but it may be able to squeak past Spider-Man 3. Regardless, that worldwide number is what’s important to Sony, and they’re very, very happy.

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