Sarkar director AR Murugadoss denies plagiarism fees: author’s union is prejudiced against me


After days of silence, AR Murugadoss has spoke back to the plagiarism charges leveled in opposition to him by means of writer Varun Rajendran, who claims the director copied his script to create the Vijay thalapathy-starrer sarkar. Two days in the past, the madras high court directed sun photos, the producer of the movie, to reply to a petition filed with the aid of Varun Rajendran alleging copyright infringement. The complainant on Wednesday sought the court to stall the discharge of sarkar, which is ready to hit monitors on 6 November and compensate him with Rs 30 lakh for the copyright violation

Release of letter by K Bhagyaraj, president of South Indian Film Writers’ Association

On Friday, okay Bhagyaraj, president of south Indian movie writers’ association, released a letter addressed to Varun Rajendran declaring that the story of sarkar is similar to sengol, a story written by him. A translated version of Bhagyaraj’s letter to Varun Rajendran read: “In spite of some differing reviews, we’ve got decided as a majority that the story of sengol and sarkar are the identical. We let you know (Varun Rajendran) that the story of sengol which become registered on 21 November, 2007 and the story of sarkar are same as consistent with the selection of the writers’ union. We are able to no longer stand in the way of any prison court cases that you provoke to are searching for justice on your work. We remorse that we couldn’t assist you in this case.”

AR Murugadoss, press interaction

Now, AR Murugadoss, in his press interaction on Saturday, has put forth a barrage of inquiries to Bhagyaraj and called his research as unfair. “Except for Vijay sir’s projects, I don’t face any plagiarism fees for different movies. It’s very atypical (smiles). In reality, anyone who has labored with Vijay sir within the previous few years has battled the equal controversies. since it’s a large budget mission and draws a first-rate lot of interest, it’s pretty herbal for all and sundry to are searching for exposure. Within the sarkar issue, I strongly feel that the south Indian movie writers’ affiliation and its president ok Bhagyaraj are unfairly prejudiced in opposition to me. Their lack of research has predisposed me as an person and has demeaned me as a offender.”

Clarification by AR Murugadoss

Clarifying that sarkar is pretty distinct from sengol, murugadoss said, “sengol was registered via Varun Rajendran ten years lower back within the writers’ guild. Sarkar is based on a number of present day issues, and our screenplay and remedy are totally one-of-a-kind of sengol. face book lives, twitter handles, the death of our past due Tamil nadu leader minister, the latest political incidents, marina protest, Tuticorin issue, methane controversy shape the ingredients in my screenplay, matters that are burning troubles in 2018. How ought to a story which became conceived eleven years back be similar to sarkar? it is pretty not possible. As of nowadays, I have by no means submitted any full sure script inside the union. How could they launch a announcement pronouncing each the screenplays are identical? they have got simplest study the six to seven-web page-long synopsis of sarkar and have determined unfairly that each the memories are equal and said me responsible in this situation. That is absolutely unjust and a partial view of the scenario.”

Murugadoss Justification

The association. “Both they should have appointed a devoted crew to look at my movie and compare it with the screenplay of sengol or constituted a set to observe each the screenplays before concluding. However, they have achieved neither. how should they decide to punish me with half of-baked data and understanding?” he argued.


Justifying the similarity between the number one incident in sengol and sarkar as coincidence, murugadoss stated, “the simplest comparable component in each the screenplays is the missing vote whilst the protagonist tries to exercising his franchise in the election. It passed off to Sivaji Ganesan while he turned into alive. even okay Bhagyaraj had informed once stated that his vote became already cast whilst he went to nadigar sangam election. A few years lower back, Kamal Hassan’s call became missing in the electorate list. once I went to vote along side my spouse, her vote became already cast by someone else. It’s a not unusual hassle which persists in our united states. in sarkar, Vijay sir performs a position which is modeled on the strains of Google CEO Sundar pichai. How ought to the writers’ union arrive at a company conclusion that my movie is copied based on most effective one scene? It is an injudicious name.”

Decisions of the panel members

He also exposed the decisions of the panel individuals who investigated the issue in the union. “The EC members are completely within the cut up, and there may be no unanimous selection in the issue. Six of them have determined that each the screenplays are exclusive. Five of them have signed announcing they are the identical and two of them have remained neutral. How should Bhagyaraj release a declaration pronouncing that most of the people of the participants arrived at a consensus? Did he as a minimum read out the announcement to the ec participants before sending it out?” requested Murugadoss.

Addressing some other main allegation, murugadoss retorted: “There is another accusation that Varun Rajendran’s accomplice Vijay, a nonetheless photographer, who takes place to be a pal of my pal suriyakiran, narrated the tale of sengol to suriyakiran and later, he leaked it to me. They’re speculating that Vijay, who has worked in three of my movies, blurted out the script of sengol to me. why might I speak a script with a nonetheless photographer? It’s pretty illogical. The writers’ union should have without problems investigated Vijay and found out the fact. Rather, they were brief to decide me and logo me responsible.”

Concluding Note

On a concluding observe, murugadoss stated, “suriyakiran had shared screen space with Bhagyaraj sir lengthy returned in a movie. I’ve additionally discovered that the complainant, Varun Rajendran and Bhagyaraj sir had worked collectively in a television serial ten years again. Now, how am I able to accept as true with that this investigation is just? I strongly suspect foul play and that their judgment may be very biased in opposition to me.”

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